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Look at your book collection.

Every book you own should feel like there is no other book out there like it.​

Your bookshelves should be beautiful to you, breathe history, and should reflect what you love. Buying a book, you are looking to own the way it made you feel when you read it, what it made you think. They are a part of you, the books that connect to you in that deep way, the ones you want to own instead of borrow. Books last because there is something undeniably special in the fact of their continued existence across time. ​


That's why when you buy a book from me, when you hold it in your hands for the first time, you'll know:

There is no other book like tHis!



Bookseller. Bookstore Owner. Former Librarian. Writer. Reader. ​Collector. Essentially, my life is books.

I'm Colleen, the owner of No Other Book Like This. I started this business online at first as ​a side gig, selling on Etsy and specializing in rare and vintage books. This was in 2015, ​just after getting my graduate degree in Library Science, and while on the job hunt I ​began to weed my personal collection of beautiful old books, picking out the ones I ​thought would interest someone else more—I wasn’t their home. While I firmly believe you ​can NEVER have too many books, I needed the space and knew they’d each make ​someone else happier, and so a bookstore was the perfect solution—not a long term ​career plan as far as I knew.

I did not foresee how well my online shop would do, and how many followers, customers ​and friends I would make marketing the store and my journey on social media, sharing ​my photography of the books I found and their unique stories with people all over the ​world. My bookstore eventually expanded to having a physical location—starting up as a ​brick-and-mortar store in Groton CT first, then relocating to Mystic. This fulfilled a ​dream I hadn’t really known was possible for me, and helped me put to practice the ​small business skills and knowledge I’d fostered as the entrepreneurship and social ​media librarian in New Haven.

I could not be happier with how the store turned out (since I got to design it from the ​ground up!). The shop is warm, inviting, cozy and hopefully a permanent addition to the ​wonderful family of shops and small businesses in the downtown Mystic and Stonington ​area. I hope you find something you like on my store online, or come in to the shop in ​person to see all the treasures available only here!

Drop me a note via my contact page or Instagram if you have a book you're looking for, a specific title, edition, author or genre you're interested in, or anything else bookish you'd like to talk with me about!




10am - 6pm


(Call for holiday closings)


3 Roosevelt Avenue

Mystic CT 06355

(Across from the Mystic Train Station)


Free! Includes street spots, with five labeled spots on opposite end of building in the parking lot.





(return calls can take longer than email or social media message)

(860) 446 0302


@nootherbooklikethis on Instagram and Facebook


shops available both on our instagram and facebook pages

also search “nootherbook" on ebay